Becoming PMP professional can boost your career- check out how

While PMP certifications are most popular in the field of project management, they are not limited to the profession. They also benefit professionals at other levels including team leaders, IS/IT professionals, business analysts and Six Sigma specialists to name a few. Those wanting to climb the career ladder in the project management field or acquire a position at a large company that handles high-budget projects will find a PMP certification an important resource.

Though a PMP certification is a respected credential, it may not be for everyone. Those wishing to become certified need real-world experience managing projects and a strong interest in project management. Candidates must have a minimum of three years of related work experience guiding and managing projects and 35 credit hours of project management education. Anyone meeting those requirements must pass the PMP multiple choice exam of 200 questions. But once successfully completed, the certification can yield a range of benefits – both for you and your company.

Having a PMP certification on a resume will make it enticing. Having the certification is also a great way to prepare and inherit greater responsibilities within your workplace.

The certification proves to upper management your dedication, willingness and knowledge to be given more opportunities for growth. It’s an impressive feat to accomplish and by completing your certification you have proven you are ready to tackle jobs at the highest level of project management.

Your certification won’t just make you look better – it will also help you communicate and plan better for future projects. Certified experts are able to connect with other project managers and vendors more effectively when it comes to preparing, managing and completing a venture. Your ability to work more efficiently with others will yield more productivity, making your business as a whole more attractive to potential clients.

Of course one of the more attractive benefits to gaining your PMP certification is increasing your earning potential. In fact, according to the annual PMI Project Management Survey, a large number of certified individuals earn a salary of more than $100,000.

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