Average Annual Salaries for Certified Green Belts, Black Belts & Master Black Belts Professionals

Did you know that according to Indeed.com, the #1 job site in the world available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP,

  • The national average salary for a Certified Green Belt in 2016 is $83,000 per year in the United States?
  • For Certified Black Belts, the national average salary is $99,000 per year.
  • For Certified Master Black Belts, the average salary is even more at $121,000 per year.

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Potential Salary

Since they are found in a wide variety of occupations and industries, salaries for Six Sigma Green Belts will vary broadly. According to data published in July 2012 by national salary survey website PayScale.com, the median annual salaries for various Six Sigma Green Belts in the United States were:

Process Engineer                               $68,842

Industrial Engineer                             $59,410

Manufacturing Process Engineer       $69,996

Quality Assurance Engineer               $66,157

Process Improvement Engineer         $66,466

Manufacturing Engineer                     $62,501

PayScale.com also reported the national gross salary range (10% – 90%) for Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Manufacturing Engineers was $46,553 – $85,302; for Operations Managers, $50,398 – $113,370; for Industrial Engineers, $49,995 – $70,349, and for IT Project Managers, $57,973  – $103,808.

You are encouraged to conduct independent research to determine actual earning potential, as Six Sigma salaries may vary, depending on the position, company and location, as well as your education level, certification status and work experience. 

Is Six Sigma Green Belt Training For You?

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