Top 5 Reasons For Using Six Sigma Methodology in Multinational Companies

Be it a small business, a startup, or even a Multinational company- the Six Sigma methodology can do justice with one and all. The process is based on a specific method, but the process is implemented in different organization differently. This is basically a set of techniques that helps in improving the business process of an organization and reduce the error and the probability of waste.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven and statistical approach, which believes that improvement is a process and not a destination. Six Sigma was introduced by Motorola to eliminate their waste production, which gained a huge success. After which many industries embraced the methodology.

Here are 5 reasons for using Six Sigma Methodologies in Multinational Companies:

For Improving Customer loyalty: Every business wants to retain its customers. That is indeed a way to measure the success of an organization. But customer retention and loyalty come through a high level of customer satisfaction.

The study states that one of the most important reasons why customers are not returning is either not satisfactory employee attitude. Most of the time, companies fail to understand that they have unsatisfied customers and keep on growing their business elsewhere.

The Six Sigma benefits in understanding and reducing the risk of having unsatisfied customers. The achievement is gained through studying various customer voices.

Time Management: Time equals productivity. Implementing the Six Sigma methodology in the business process, the organizations help the employees to manage their time in a better and productive way. The employees are asked to set smart goals, and then the methodology is applied to achieve those.