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Six Sigma Healthcare Certification focuses on eliminating defects and improving and business processes. In healthcare and Medical, a defect can be the difference between life and death. Use Lean and Six Sigma to improve patient safety by eliminating life-threatening errors and defects from the healthcare process.

Six Sigma Healthcare Certification:

Lean Six Sigma uses Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC ) – a five-step management approach to business improvement. Focus on improving the patient experience by making sure your processes consistently deliver the desired results in an effective manner.

Lean Six Sigma application in Healthcare, Pharma and Medical Industry.

  • North Mississippi Medical Center reduced the number of prescription instruction errors in discharge documents by 50% just by implementing Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean six sigma making clinical research more cost-effective to lowering appointment cancellations
  • Six Sigma Techniques Improves Operating Room Patient Flow
  • Lean six sigma helps in Managing Risk and Driving Profitability with Analytical Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Lean Six Sigma helps Ohio Board of Nursing Cut Costs and Reduce Lead Time in Hospitals
  • Lean six sigma helps in removing Waste From the Electronic Health Record
  • Lean Six Sigma approach lets Hospitals Reach New Frontiers of Quality and Safety in the day to day operations
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodology Can Effectively Reduce Cesarean Section Rate in hospitals
  • Lean Six Sigma Approach Ups Quality of Hip Replacement Sx and decreases the replacement time
  • Healthcare Reform Reshapes Delivery Models and Diagnostic Laboratories with LSS

Six Sigma in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Healthcare costs have been increasing worldwide mainly due to overutilization of resources.
  • The savings potentially achievable from a systematic, comprehensive, and cooperative reduction in waste are far higher than from more direct and blunter cuts in care and coverage.
  • Using the Six Sigma approach an efficient practice was put in place including updating the related internal policies and procedures and the proper implementation of an effective users’ training and competency checkoff program.
  • This resulted in decreasing the unnecessary Quality Control (QC) runs from 13% to 4%, decreasing the failed QC runs from 14% to 7%, lowering the QC to patient testing ratio from 24/76 to 19/81.

For this reason, healthcare professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt certifications & Six Sigma Healthcare Certification are in demand. Employees in medical consulting, patient experience, clinical operations, medical coding, performance improvement, and similar roles can advance into leadership positions in healthcare management with Lean Six Sigma training.

Job titles that commonly require Lean Six Sigma certifications include:

  • Chief Patient Experience Officer
  • Senior Director, Patient Experience
  • Senior Manager, Operational Excellence
  • Vice President, Quality
  • Director, Quality
  • Director of Quality Management
  • Associate Vice President, Strategic Process Improvement
  • Quality Improvement Consultant
  • Process Consultant
  • Clinical Transformation Consultant

Using Six Sigma to improve healthcare quality can:

  • Shorten wait times in hospitals and private practices
  • Prevent falls and injuries in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Reduces medication errors when prescribing drugs and administration of filling prescriptions
  • Increase turnaround time for lab results

How to earn Six Sigma Healthcare Certification:

Healthcare professionals can enhance their career and gain leadership roles in medical and healthcare industry by completing a  world’s most recognized and globally accepted Lean Six Sigma certification program that provides applicability concepts and implementation practices of lean and six sigma in healthcare. Many leadership roles and top Hospitals in the healthcare industry require a Green Belt or Black Belt certificate.

Lean Six Sigma Success stories in Healthcare, Pharma and Medical Industry: 

  1. UC Cancer Institute uses lean training for patients satisfaction
  2. How Lean Six Sigma Saved $4 Million at UCSD Medical Center
  3. Waste Walk Saves $3.7M at UMC Health System
  4. Two Top Ten Pharmaceutical Companies Realize Up to 80% Time Savings and $3 Million Cost Savings Utilizing ELN and Lean Six Sigma Workflow Analysis
  5. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is Planning $157M Project With Lean Six Sigma implementation
  6. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital Improves Patient Admittance Flow by 22%
  7. As per the report, Lean Reduces ICU-Transfer-to-Bed time by 50% for Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
  8. Johns Hopkins, All Children’s Hospital on Board With Lean Six Sigma to Overhaul Onboarding Process
  9. Ellis Medicine Saves $1.8M and MC Assembly Inspires Rapid Change Using Lean Six SigmaCanadian Medical Laboratories Face Squeeze, Need to Acquire New Diagnostic Technologies and Increased Demand for Lab Tests

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